Keys to Becoming a Responsible Consumer

Remember that we are all part of the big puzzle. We are small pieces that when glued together, form a bigger picture that will define our future. Don’t just shop online using discounts, be a responsible consumer. Know how your buying power affects our ecology and promotes agricultural practices in the long run.


Choose Organic

Organic food is healthier, yet it is still an underdog in the market. Organic food is produced naturally without the aid of harmful chemicals to make a product more desirable. Organic farming respects the seasonality of products or crops. So when you shop online, choose organic. You’ll support the cause of organic farming, which tremendously improves the agricultural practices we have today.

Eat More Veggies

The meat industry is going mad. Those advertisements of juicy steaks and perfectly grilled meats might look tempting, but remember that you are what you eat. Go for veggies, not only because they are healthier, but also they produce less CO2 compared to massively producing meat. They help produce better air. If you are a big meat eater, try to balance it by adding some veggies to your food. You are doing organic farmers favor while getting a discount from your health insurance.

Say No to Brands Encouraging Deforestation

stop gmoSadly, the big brands we know today are the ones behind massive deforestation, just to meet their needs in production. Say no to these brands. Your buying power can change this. Let’s not give our money to companies who don’t care about the destruction their business cause. Instead, go for brands that create awareness about the existing conditions of our environment. They try to be part of the solution instead of ignoring the facts.

Be an Advocate of Change

As mentioned, we are part of the big puzzle. Your actions matter. Be an advocate, and don’t turn a blind eye with the obvious destruction we have caused our environment. Share this to your friends. Learn together about the small changes you can do to make this big switch.

3 thoughts on “Keys to Becoming a Responsible Consumer”

  1. Taylor says:

    I still wonder why man is the smartest being on the planet when we can’t even see how far we have crossed the line with nature.

  2. Lindy says:

    A month ago, I went back to the province to visit my mum. There was this beautiful view at our window I used to admire every day when I was a child. Now, all I see is a long stretch of land with no trees. It makes my heart wanna scream.

  3. Kevin says:

    The things we got accustomed to will be hard to change. This “agriculture practices” are like plastics. We know they are bad for the environment, but we cannot stop doing them.

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